My faith and mental health

Hello everybody - long time. I blush at this inconsistency, but, if only everybody knew the struggles I cope with in life, everyone would give me a reason to take a break from technology in general. However, I had to pause and stop running when it came to mental health awareness week. A few years [...]

The silent twins – a real life doppelgänger ?

We've all been there at some point in our lives - I mean, the weird side of YouTube. The side that makes you stay awake at night, the side that makes you thank goodness you're normal, or perhaps makes you doubt your own sanity. Well, here's a post about something really fascinating I watched - [...]

A beautiful leader and beautiful army – a fulfilled prophecy

Let me tell you a true story of a man who predicted that there will be a beautiful leader with a beautiful army who will conquer Constantinople (modern day Istanbul). Seven hundred years later, a stately, majestic and magisterial Sultan Mehmed II ruled Istanbul at the age of 21. The man who predicted this prophecy, [...]

Teaching – knowledge or nurture?

To the Oxford Dictionary, teaching is when you ‘impart knowledge’. To Wikipedia, it’s about helping others to ‘acquire knowledge’. What I’ve found though, is that there is no actual way of imparting knowledge if the students don’t like you. Literally. If the students don’t like you, you can throw your knowledge in the bin. It [...]

Can you set yourself up to fail?

This concept has been whizzing through my mind for some time now. The notion that we set unrealistic expectations, like filling a balloon with air so much so that popping and shrinking is the only outcome. Since I was younger (yes, anecdotal grandma discourse), I've always made sure that every year had a highlight of [...]

A herbal wonder – Libyan stuffed peppers

This recipe is one of the typical Libyan stuffed delicacies that is pleasantly aromatic with the diversity of herbs and good 'greens'. It's so healthy yet so deliciously yummy, you honestly can't go wrong with it! The herbs are typically Mediterranean so if you travel around the countries surrounding the sea, it's always worth dropping [...]

Leaving a charitable death stamp

We all think of the unfamiliar, whether it is everyday or, for some, a few moments in their lifetimes. People often think of how they might be remembered, or whether perhaps they will be forgotten. But have we thought enough about how much of an 'everlasting' impact we have made on the world? Have we [...]

The parcels of bliss !

Mmmmm. I get hungry just remembering that cheese and spinach goodness. This is so flavoursome, homely and diverse too - whether you are a meat eater or plant eater, you're bound to love it as a congenial appetiser. Just look at that crispiness. Yum. So this was from a recipe book recommended a good friend [...]

Modest ‘Hijab’ style cliché

Yep, there's a reason why I put hijab in between apostrophes. I have so much to express about my view of the modern Muslim consumerist fashion. I don't feel that this post really shows the real 'hijab'. But it shows, perhaps, a step to modesty when living in the west. For decades, Muslims in western [...]

In a nutty mood… (no pun intended)

I made a visit in the morning to the family home and I found my mum mixing and matching anything and everything in the kitchen she could add to her yummy truffles. There was something so weirdly nostalgic about the present. I could tell that one day, I'd probably reminisce and long for those moments [...]